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Introducing CastleGate Door Systems

CastleGate is a complete door system tested and proven to not only work together, but work better than any other system on the market. Every element of the CastleGate system is backed by the expertise of the industry’s best in system performance, quality, and beauty, hand-built by true craftsmen.

The result? A door system that provides ultimate homeowner satisfaction while delivering a flawless installation, fewer hassles and service calls, and lasting weather resistance.

The Right Style for Any Home

The CastleGate exterior door system features a large selection of Masonite fiberglass doors and glass designs to suit any style.

  • Insulated Glass & Warm-Edge Spacers reduce energy costs and prevents condensation.
  • Polyurethane Core insulates 5x better than real wood to keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Fiberglass Skin resists warping and rotting and protects against rust and dents.
  • Composite Bottom Rail provides rot resistance.

Weather Resistance Proven to Perform

In a certified test by a third party*, the CastleGate Exterior Door Systems by BWI lasted significantly longer in more extreme weather conditions than the market-leading competitor, which failed to perform in moderate conditions.

*Door systems were exposed to 8″ of rainfall per hour and windspeeds corresponding with the DP (Design Pressure) Ratings in 23-minute long trials. Certified test performed by Architectural Testing, Inc., an Intertek Company.

FusionFrame Composite Door Frame

Introducing FusionFrame® – a maintenance free door frame that’s everything you need in a composite door frame, and more. FusionFrame takes all the benefits of all-composite and all-wood frames and combines them into one solution-driven product designed to perform and protect for years to come.

  • Maintenance-Free Performance. The composite casing provides rot-proof protection while the engineered wood core offers structural rigidity that stands up to extreme heat and cold.
  • Easy Installation. FusionFrame offers a full portfolio of jamb, mull, and casing options to suit your needs.
  • Flawless Finish. Fasteners are hidden behind the removable jamb cover for a seamless installation, and a “floating” brickmould allows for easy installation in out-of-plumb openings.

The Replaceable Deck Sill (RDS)

Overcome sill damage quickly and easily. The Replaceable Deck Sill enables you to simply remove and replace a damaged or discolored deck without the need to remove the sill or door unit. With RDS, your sill will go from damaged to done in a fraction of the time and cost.

  1. Disengage the damaged sill from the substrate using a putty knife.
  2. Remove the sill by pulling it away.
  3. Replace with the new, undamaged sill and secure into place using a mallet and block of wood.
  4. Done! Enjoy your new, damage-free exterior door sill in minutes.

BWI Fine Millwork

As a leading provider of fine millwork to independent lumber retailers, BWI is committed to offering shorter lead times and a large inventory to suit your needs. Each CastleGate door system is fully assembled by our skilled craftsmen and delivered to you with consistent quality and exceptional customer service.

One Door System. Three Industry-Leading Brands.

Quick lead times and quality assembly with help from specialty millwork professionals.

Save time and enhance door system performance with smarter door components.

Increase curb appeal and add value with a variety of quality door styles and designs.

 We put our name on the line so you can, too. When you partner with CastleGate you get lasting performance and quality you can count on, and the added protection of an industry-leading warranty. 

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